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Marching Towards The First Chapter

Wow, Spring is right around the corner (with Summer not too far behind). Last year I was focused strongly on shows and writing; my heart living in the moment with my eyes glued to the future. Fast forward to now: I'm hitting the studio in less than 2 weeks to begin recording the debut album. Side-note, a pretty cool mini documentary is premiering on March 21st at Make sure to Subscribe if you've yet to do so.

I'm beyond anxious to get this record out to all of you! I'm being very short on details, but trust me when I say that your patience will be worth the suspense. What I can tell you about the forthcoming release is this:

1) First single + music video will arrive sometime in May.

2) The album will contain 10 brand new tracks.

3) Release date is not in stone, but I promise it will be out by July if not sooner. A concrete date will be announced in April.

Last, but without question not least is the support that has been shown to see this release come to light. Over $500 has been raised in less than 3 weeks for the album!

I can't thank everyone enough who has Shared/donated to:

Together I feel we have the power to make this something very special with the potential to reach many ears. In closing, I'll say that what's to come I feel is bigger than myself. The 10 songs are very strong and can tell you with 100% confidence that stellar things are on the horizon. Trust me.

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