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A little to the left, a bit to the right....perfect: Center Stage.

We are the typical story of most local bands. A good two year run & then everything implodes from creative differences all the way to internal conflicts. However, where our story diverges from the typical is that we grew a bit older/ wiser & saved the ship before it completely sank. There were skeletons we had to throw on the table, uncomfortably talk about and fix before hitting the open seas once more. Thankfully all of the original members remained (outside of lead guitarist, Luke Ethridge) & the start of 2021 ushered in a new era of Thoughts Are Nuclear.

With Luke exiting the band there was a bit of musical chairs that took place. Original bassist, Matt Hunter jumped over to keys/secondary guitar while bass duties were handed over to the more than capable hands of Maurice Cooley. Allen Apperson remained on drums & myself: behind the mic + rhythm guitar. With this quartet we practiced, wrote and prepared a solid set that luckily landed us an opportunity to open for national recording act: Rehab within just 3 months of our reformation.

Everything sounded phenomenal, but there was still one tiny thing we wanted to adjust so we'd have no limitations & make the live shows top notch: a fifth member. Paul Garrett joined the band in the end of May 2021 & quickly learned our set-list of 10 songs in preparation for our show with legendary emo band: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. With Paul in the mix this now made it possible for me to be able to get out from behind the guitar & dive deeper into crowd interaction along with the option of acoustic additions. The show was a slam-dunk and for the first time it feels like the blurry picture of our potential is in full-focus with clarity.

We recently got news that we will be on the bill at Center Stage for the Sounds Like Summer Festival in Atlanta, GA (Friday, July 16th- Ticket info + full line-up TBA). Make sure to follow us on BandsInTown for the latest show announcements:


If you have potential, ambition & determination then anything is possible.

The only other thing you need is timing.....but timing's a bitch.

- Josh

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