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New love is so 1968, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah/ Throwing peace signs with the flower brigade, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah/ Clouds rolled in like an army tank/ Took a tie-dyed romance & recruited it gray


Airwaves, I've got a song.....I've got a song/ Feelings out there losing touch, adjust the dial and turn it up/ Airwaves, I've got a song for you


Old flame is so 1988, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah/ Graffiti in the city haunts the revamped streets, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah/ Forgotten scent of Electric Youth/ Not relevant, but still prominent


Stood there staring at her absent minded & weak/ Waving goodbye hauntingly like limbs on a tree/ You know we use to believe, it'd be forever full & green/ Traded kisses for scars & stitches/ Still I miss the true sincerity of holding her tight and talking countless hours about nothing all night/ So I flashed a grin & said why dont we just pretend


Always wear my heart right on the cuff of my sleeve, but tonight I'm bare chested spitting lies in the sheets/ Oh we made sweet love until those 30 minutes were up/ We're down again


Days grew short as nights grew teeth and ate them away/ Melancholy echoed all the stale memories of what she meant to me, way back when we meant something/ Traded laughs for paragraphs/ Of all the things I hate of us, it's more than a page/ I still don't think that list could top our lost chemistry/ Oh we had a fire, still wish we could just ceasefire/ Drop our guns for a little while

Long Overdue
Yin To My Yang

There's a feeling in the air/ As the sun goes down and the lights come on one by one here/ I've been walking around with my head down/ Waiting for a stranger's hand to lift my chin to say I'm here now


Wanna heart with no break/ Wanna catch with no strings/ Yin to my yang, cool to my lame/ Love without the games/ Wanna soul with no less/ Wanna laugh and not stress/ Yin to my yang, cool to my lame/ Love without the games


I've been looking for consistence but all I've found is temporary lovers that burn out in the rain I've been walking around with my head up learning now that destiny is not a search it's time and patience


Love me, love me, love me, love me Love, without the games

Breathing Room

Never again will I leave you staring at the ceiling, contemplating everything/ I'm a worn out sweater with rips and stains, out of date, but I promise to keep you warm

I am here and now, no more now and then/ Take that to heart cause my lungs are connected to yours/ Don't know what I was thinking when I said I needed breathing room

My heart is a crystal ball that's predicting there's no future/ Cause you're the tarot card that gave me hope, struck a match and I burned it/ I feel guilty, so damn filthy/ let's rebuild from our ashes

When you spoke I was deaf/ Zoned out not myself/ It's no excuse for all that I put you through/ I rip out my own soul, replace what is broke/ Reincarnate love everlasting

I want you/ I need you/ I crave you

If i'm breathing, swear i'm never leaving you/ My lungs are yours

Crashing Down

When I was young, I found a friend who'd comfort me with chords and riffs/ It became my shovel to bury you under/ You found your way back just like a ghost/ My confidence you haunt the most/ Honestly I want to tell you thanks/ Thanks for giving me existence/ Smother me with your distance

I think it's been long overdue that 1986 comes haunting you/ A peaceful January burned to the ground/ Hey October, lay your head on my shoulder/ Feel it as it grows cold/ It's the only thing I ever learned from you

If retrospect was a running car, i'd park it crunk in a closed garage/ Let the monoxide choke you out to a lost thought/ All that's left is a sour taste/ Reached out, but you pushed away/ No one to blame but your own self/ Thanks for giving me existence/ Now smother me with your distance

People like you, but they don't know you/ I see past your synthetic smile/ Go drown in your issues, no one will miss you/ You sleep in the bed you made/ I'll tuck you in

Don"t need a cold beer, my thoughts are already unclear/ Oh tell me waiter, could you flavor my past/ Cause I've swallowed all my tomorrows with the pain of yesterday

When it all comes crashing down, who will I blame this time/ Lost cause trapped in the jaws of time and space; life has no face/ When it all comes crashing down, who will I blame this time/ Solution could start with me, but I'm the problem

Regrets' contradictive task: burying the future, digging up my past/ Dreams have no reason, they're just for easing the blow/ I'm on my last nerve/ One bridge left to blow; it's in my head

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